Features and Styles of the 20’s Costumes

Dressing in 20’s apparels and clothing styles is also becoming a fashion vogue in the 20th century. The fashion world is recreating the fashions that made the 20s thick. You can integrate the 20’s costumes for just any purpose. For instance, you can choose to look different this Halloween by wearing a 20’s outfit in its entirety. But first, you need to know the salient features of this decade. Consequently, you can mimic the 1920s fashion perfectly.

The Clothing

20’s costumes in terms of clothing had some unique features. First, the clothing units were the flapper dresses that usually look straight on the wearer. And, a special integration to accentuate this dressing is the fringe feature. Any 20s clothing cannot be complete without the fringe. The dresses used for the flapper style are usually short and will look better with intricate bead integration.

For the evening wears, the female folks in particular wore luxurious evening dresses with asymmetric hemming. A lot of the women complemented the gown with train or sash.

The Hairdo

Obviously, there must be certain hairdo to match the 20’s costumes and fashion. The short hairstyles worn by the 21st century women were inspired by the flapper hairdo of the 20s.

The hairdos that characterized the 20s include the following;

  • Bob: A famous ballroom dancer influenced the bob-cut hairstyle that the youths wore in that decade. This ballroom dancer, Irene Castle along with Vernon her husband left a hairdo model for people in the 20s to mimic. Popularly known as the “Castle Bob”, this hairdo captured the attention of many. However, in comparison with the values of that decade, this hairdo was seen as rebellious.
  • Finger and Marcel Waves: these wave patterns simply added additional style to the bob hairdo. The credit for this hairdo goes to Francois Marcel who initiated the idea when the electric waves iron became the norm for regulating temperature.

Eton Crop: The extreme short-length of this hairdo was significant. The Eton crop was shorter than the bob. People used cream to make the hair greasy and slick after cutting it very short.

Other hairdos that complemented the 20’s costumes include the shingling style. And, women with short hair also included cloche hat in their hair fashion collection.


Particularly for the flapper dressing style, the popular accessories included the single-strand necklace, usually long. The necklace suits better when it hangs loosely down the chest. Also, people in this decade wore high gloves and strappy heels.

Does any of the tips above spark idea for your 20’s costumes? Dressing to reflect the 20s does not require much. Luckily, you can create homemade 20s dresses and save cost.




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