20s Costumes Ideas for Women

20s Costumes Ideas for Women

The flapper dress is a typical signature of the 20s style. It’s an attention-getting style that you can show off in a Halloween or theme party. The 20s costumes are appropriate in flapper and flair style. For the female folk, the 20s high hemline will flaunt your hot legs. You can also use a little pin striping and heels to flaunt your gangster side. Whatever 20s style you choose, don’t forget to complement the look with the most suitable 20s hairdo and makeup.

Here are top 20s Costumes Ideas for Women;

Gangster Girl

Consider the female version of the typical 1920s gangster. The items you need to accomplish the look are white shirt, pinstripe suit, tie, hat and overcoat. Add a touch of feminity to the masculine role using tight pencil skirt, grey/black and white pinstripe jacket and white blouse. Don’t forget to complement the entire outfit with coordinating fedora adorned with a black feather. Put on black, white or nude pair of stockings on black high heels and adorn your neck with layered necklace and decorative bangles on your arms.

Flapper Style

Pose as 20s flapper girl in a Halloween or theme party with your unique 20s costumes. The signature of the 20s flapper girls include knee-length short hemlines, bare shoulders, and free-flowing fabric. You can create a custom flapper dress or purchase one from a vintage store. Consider going for the straight dress without sleeves, and the waistline dropping to the hips. In the 20s, this dress typically came in silk fabric and shimmering tiers of materials that shook stunningly each time the wearer moves. The flapper girl 20s costume was never complete without rayon or silk stockings, plus a garter belt to hold up the stockings under the dress. Other adornments that go with the flapper girl costume are kitten-heel shoes (the closed-toe pattern), layered beaded necklace, and a news-boy hat.

Debutante 20s Costume

Another great 20s costumes idea for women is to wear the attire of the 20s fashionable debutantes. In those days, Debs are brought before the society by their parents in a private get-together or in a ball. Debutantes dressed in different ways. One of the ways to dress like Debs is to wear a white ball gown with silver or crystal lace accent. The hairdo to complement this attire is an updo, and the neck adorned with pearls. Also, a coordinating pair of glove will help to highlight the 20s debutante costume. Another idea for debutante costume is to wear a peach or pink evening gown with pearls to adorn the neck and short pair of gloves worn on the hand.

Conventional 20s Costumes

This era-appropriate costume idea was typical of the 20s women. The popular traditional 20s costume is a dress with dropped waist. Other essential highlights of the dress include cowl neckline or V-neck. You may also use sash, wear short gloves and newsboy hat.

Experiment with any of these 20s costumes ideas for women.