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Roaring 20s Costumes for Different Occasions

Roaring 20s Costumes
The 20s decade was characterized by prosperity and fun, after the ordeal and harsh condition of the First World War. And, for once in history, the young folks took the lead in the fashion arena. They made daring fashion statements such as going bare legs and integrating raccoon coats and other odd fads in their dressing. Lean practical tips on how to ensemble roaring 20s costumes for different occasions.
The 20s Dress Style Staple

The flapper look was quite popular during this era. It was quite straight as well as boyish. To replicate this look, begin with loose and straight dress that has sleeves or no sleeves. And, for dance parties and occasions, the girls and females are better off with skirts that have fringe.
The flapper look also featured small and close-fittin...

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