Roaring 20s Costumes for Different Occasions

Roaring 20s Costumes
The 20s decade was characterized by prosperity and fun, after the ordeal and harsh condition of the First World War. And, for once in history, the young folks took the lead in the fashion arena. They made daring fashion statements such as going bare legs and integrating raccoon coats and other odd fads in their dressing. Lean practical tips on how to ensemble roaring 20s costumes for different occasions.
The 20s Dress Style Staple

The flapper look was quite popular during this era. It was quite straight as well as boyish. To replicate this look, begin with loose and straight dress that has sleeves or no sleeves. And, for dance parties and occasions, the girls and females are better off with skirts that have fringe.
The flapper look also featured small and close-fitting hats. You can come up with a quick one by trimming the brim of your large hat. Alternatively, you can just settle for a petite knit cap.
Also, a jazzy hat band decorated with big bow or a feather hat complemented the flapper look. And, you can choose between wearing light stockings and being on bare legs. Flat clunky shoes are great matching footwear for this 20s look.
For accessories to complete a flapper look of the 1920s, you should choose from the list below;
·    Bangle bracelets
·    Feather boa
·    Knotted long string of pearls
Also, short and pulled-back hair are great for this look. Make up should also be heavy as well as colorful for a typical flapper look.
Men’s Suits

Men’s suits to copy the 20s men’s dress style includes wearing double-breasted, oversize suit purchased from a local thrift store. Particularly, you should go for plaids, stripes, and solid colored bogus suits. You should also complement the suit with vests, fedoras, shirts, shoes and ties, all in contrast colors. The lapel should feature a carnation.
Also, in the 20s, young male folks wore darker suit paired with flat cap and sweater vest. This clothing is best paired with knee-length pants/trousers, lace-up shoes, and high socks.
Evening Wear
If you want to portray the 20s costumes with your evening wear, you should go for a longer form of same loose, straight dress without sleeves, using satin or other richer fabrics. Complement the look with upscale jewelry and shinier hat.
20s College Guy Look
This guyish look can be replicated by putting on loose pants paired with a white shirt as well as a lightly colored v-neck sweat-shirt featuring slightly piped neck. A raccoon coat as well as ukulele is essential part of this look.
Finally, you may also want to ensemble 20s costumes to depict a 20s sports person. In this case, go for clothing items such as white v-neck sweater, white shirt, stripped blazer, and knickers. A young female will be better off with straight skirt paired with a baggy sailor shirt, flat clunky shoes and dark stockings for the best Roaring 20s Costumes.