20s Costumes

20s Costumes

As they were the generation that were so well known for their parties and as the people who were going to enjoy themselves before settling down, it is not surprising that there are lots of 20s costumes on show whenever there are fancy dress parties. Many films are being made about the decade and it is helpful for them to be able to find costumes that are fitting.

For women the obvious 20s costumes are going to be flapper costumes. The decadent dress that actually came up to the knee was frowned upon by many, and when combined with a short bob shocked them even more. Every woman will want to be seen in such a special outfit. For the men it would be quite easy as they tended to wear top hat and tails or a general evening suit.

The 1920s was also a decade when gangsters were beginning to take over many part of the United States and they are still remembered fondly today. 20s costumes come in two different varieties. Some are the pinstriped suits that are often matched with a violin case, but some are more detailed and have the head attached. There is no need to worry about not having the scars as the outfit will provide them.

Sports and its stars was a big deal in the decade and some of the top sports stars are still revered today. Baseball was the most popular sport and outfits can be hired that will make a man look just like their idol. A great thing about this is that the stars from back then would not have the same level of fitness, so there is bound to be a bit more room in the trousers and top.

Times may have been changing but there was still a lot of modesty about and a man would not run onto the beach in the small shorts that they wear now. Instead it would be an all in one and looked like a shirt and long johns worn together. These will be ideal for a fancy dress pool party especially with a 20s costumes theme.

The movies were beginning to get bigger and there are countless costumes that can be found from then. Lots of men have turned up as Charlie Chaplin-often as the Little Tramp. The Disney studios opened up in the 1920s and many of the famous characters date back to then. If you are looking for 20s costumes and dont mind looking a little silly, then you could do a lot worse than dressing as one of the characters.

Other stars who are well known enough to qualify as suitable candidates for fancy dress 20s costumes are Harold Lloyd, Rudolph Valentino and to add a touch of horror then the Hunchback of Notre Dame or the Phantom of the Opera.