20’s Costume Ideas for Men and Women

20’s Costume Ideas for Men and Women

People who lived in the 20’s had fun and also enjoyed wealth. The world war 1 and the hardship that came with it was already over by this time. The fashion revolution of 1920 ushered in newer trend of 20‘s fashion styles. And guess what? Young people were at the cutting edge of the 1920s fashion shift.


Did you hear about certain daring fashion statements such as raccoon coat and bare legs? They were all fashion trends from the 20’s. These clothing styles and patterns were all the rage during the 20’s.


Here are some top 20’s costumes concepts that will spark some ideas;


The Flapper Look


The flapper look was quite popular in the 1920s. It is a straight style that usually comes with fringe. The fringe accentuates the 20’s look, especially when you are dancing.

Things you will need to make your own flapper 20’s costume include the following;

  • Plain sleeveless dress.
  • Fringe
  • Jazzy hat
  • Flat clunky shoes
  • Bangle bracelets
  • Feather boa
  • Knotted string of pearls
  • Loud makeup
  • Light stockings


You also need the right kind of hairdo to match your flapper 20s dresses. However, it is nothing so demanding. If your hair is short, that would just be a perfect match for your flapper 20’s costumes. Alternatively, you can purchase a short bob wig.

And, if your hair is long, you can comb and roll the hair in, then use fashionable hair pins to hold it. You can also choose to pull the entire hair backwards.


Also, bear in mind that the makeup that goes with the 20’s costumes is usually not light. So, go moderately heavy with your pancake, eye-shadow and eyeliner.


The College Guy Look


Back in the 20’s, the college guy look was a popular fashion trend. Young college guys and young boys generally were head-over-heels in love with this fashion. The clothing items you would need to mimic the 20s college guy look include the following;

  • Loose pair of pants
  • V-neck sweater
  • Raccoon coat alongside an ukulele


Additional tips: Go for light color v-neck sweater and do some piping at the neck. An old fluffy bathrobe would also work in place of a raccoon coat. So, if you cannot lay your hands easily on a raccoon coat to mimic the college guy look, the fluffy bathrobe will do. You would need to dye the bathrobe in order to get that perfect 20’s costumes look.


You can also choose to look sporty in your 20’s costume ideas. Some clothing ideas for this look include V-neck sweater, white shirt, striped blazer, and knickers. These would be suitable for badminton or tennis on the lawn.